Collectible card games, widely called "trading" or "customizable" card games, are made up of specialized playing cards and the rules used to play with them. This activity was first launched in the nineties and has been widely enjoyed for years. A game is defined as one which resembles the use of regular trading cards, typically mass-produced, but are treated in a special way according to unique rules of game play. Getting the cards is another matter: one may simply purchase them, or trade them with other enthusiasts of the game. Some games even have thousands of cards on the market.


Your average player will begin with little more than a "beginner" or "starter" pack, which gives only a very basic array of cards for basic play. To increase the beginner's deck, the player must seek out new and better cards. The easiest way to do so is to buy a booster pack, which will contain several cards of differing rarity and objective value. Cards considered rare can demand a startlingly high price among true devotees in some gaming circles. Nevertheless, the game is kept fresh as new cards are added and values rise and fall over time.



People have loved playing cards games since the 14th century. But even now games are evolving and adding more fans than ever. In 1993 trading card games really took hold in American markets. Since a player simply couldn't get their hands on every card all at once, it built a sort of competition into the game. A completely new type of game play was born, and trading, along with competitive play, flourished. Though collectible card games vary in style, each comes with its own set of rules that guide play and acquisition. Instructions might even feature advanced tactics and strategy, as well as pitfalls to avoid. Another interesting feature of trading card games is the descriptions generally present on the collectibles themselves. Such descriptions might give the a creative name, a unique history within the world of the game, its power levels and effects, or even humorous one-liners. Depending on the game, the cards may be basic in design, or exceedingly elaborate and advanced, with many featuring unique graphic elements such as three dimensional depictions of game characters. Although video game technology has grown in leaps and bounds since the advent of trading card games, they have gained popularity over the years and are now going stronger than ever.