Trading Card Games and Collectible Card Games are getting really popular nowadays, especially with mobile gamers. There are literally dozens upon dozens of Trading Card Games on mobile devices today. They are also available in other platforms such as PCs and selected consoles. Despite what some people might think, being successful in these games doesn't require you to pay a lot of money. Some of these games are free to play. When people hear about free to play games, they instantly think that they are pay-to-win types of games.


While this might true for some trading card games, you can still dominate other players without spending a lot of money. If you play your cards right, you won't even need to spend a single penny. It will, however, need a lot of dedication and patience. It all depends on your approach and the type of TCG you are playing. There are, however, a couple of tips that can help you regardless of what kind of TCG you choose to play. Here are some of these tips.


First, do not spend in-game currency out of impulse. If you don't plan to spend a considerable amount of money right off the bat, try to save some in-game currency first until you learn the ropes. Even if you are already familiar with how the game mechanics work, it still wouldn't be wise to spend in-game currency early in the game. Try to get by with what you have and use tactics. Patience will play a very important role during this step. You must be disciplined enough not to give into temptations of buying a certain card just to make your early-game easier.



Next, do some research on strategy. Most types of trading card games require a specific type of strategy in order to dominate. Do some research on different play styles until you find one that suits your preferences nicely. Earlier on, you must make do with the cards that you have while saving up for better replacements and upgrades. If you have money to spare, make sure that you spend it wisely. Think about long-term benefits when making real-money transactions. This will ensure that your money will not be wasted. This should be kept in mind even if you have lots of money to spare. Lots of trading card games nowadays will require you to do more than just throw money at them. No matter how much money you spend, it will still depend on how you use your cards.